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Welcome to our Booking Page!

For more info on all rates and activities, **click here**

For offline booking offices and cash payments, visit our partners, **click here**

To book online and enjoy a discounted pre-booking, scroll down and select 'Book Now'
* For the discount a 12 hour advance booking is required*

Booking Procedures:

* For Zipline, please walk in or send us a message on +639567752409

* For Wakeboarding or Wakeskate, please book below. 

* For hydrofoiling, please request booking 1 day in advance through our button below or text WhatsApp +639567752409

* For private or group session, please book the complete hour and select 4 participants.

* Payment info: For Gcash, Credit Cards, E-wallets, Banks and other Payment methods, use the "HitPay" payment gateway

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Our wakeboarding park is suitable for beginners and experienced riders. It is very easy to learn. No experience needed at all!
Wakepark Acces, Operator, Rental Gear, Life Jacket & Helmet is always included.

A professional outdoor Watersport coach will teach you the first steps and get you on the board in "no time". If you know how to ride already, you can join and have the operator at your service to maximise the riding time. This is a Siargao activity you don't want to miss!

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