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On the island of Siargao, tourism has come to a standstill. COVID-19 hit The Philippines hard, and after a complete lockdown for two months, hotels and resorts here have lost all their business.

Our wakepark was a dream come true. Hidden in the trees on the remote island of Siargao - the surfing capital of The Philippines - it was possibly the world’s most picturesque wakepark. A place of pilgrimage for boarders, filmers, photographers, and a place for the local kids to get stoked on and learn from the world’s greatest riders - that was the dream. And it took two tough years of permit-seeking and careful planning to bring it to life. Once the final emergency flights left the island in 2020 however, the tourists were gone and the island fell silent. We have been able to sustain the wakepark ourselves, until now. Today, we need your help.

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These uncertain times call for community strength. We rely on tourism to survive as a culture, without it only fishing and small farming income exists. That’s why we are inviting all the kids of the surrounding villages to come to the wakepark and have a delicious meal while learning to wakeboard! Food, exercise and friendship. That’s the name of the game. Please donate to help us make this a reality.

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“We cut fewer than 25 trees to make space for the lake. We sought permits and we did everything as mindfully as we could. The aim is to reward and motivate local kids (below) with free sessions at the wakepark whenever they attend beach clean-ups and keep good grades at school. This cannot be for nothing.”

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You can be part of the lives and learning of these kids, helping them exercise and eat-well during a time of crisis, in what is possibly the world’s most unique wakepark.
We offer a fair and safe experience for the young people in Siargao and its nearby communities. And you, as a donor, will be presented on the Wall of Fame - so everybody can see who helped make the Food & Wake fundraiser a reality.

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The wakepark activity expense is brought to the bare minimum, enough to pay for the electricity, maintenance and staff. We want to remain open and give as many kids as possible the opportunity to ride.)

Is your business or brand interested in donating equipment for the kids? Please get in touch.

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