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Siargao Wakepark Live

A Showcase Wakeboarding Event on Saturday 10th of February at 2pm Manila Time

Imagine a dreamy System 2.0 in the tropics surrounded by palm trees. Add a customized concrete poolgap, some Unit Parktech Features, and you’ve got a set-up that is worth a wakeboard showcase! Siargao is a teardrop-shaped small island located in the South East of the Philippines. It is known as the Surfing Capital of the country, and it has multiple awards for being The Best Island in the World.

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So What’s Happening?

On Saturday 10th of February you can look forward to watching the best cable wakeboarders in the world, in between palm trees, on a brand new poolgap set up, created and designed by those same riders. And yes, there will be a LIVESTREAM !

The event will be a wakeboarding showcase event, with awards and great riding, for riders and spectators alike to enjoy.

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SIARGAO LIVE PHOTOS - 12 of 19.jpeg

Since When?

Siargao Wakepark was founded in 2018 and gradually got its attention from riders that enjoy wakeboarding and surfing alike. X-Games gold medalist Brenton Priestley was the first professional wakeboarder on Siargao. Together with his brother Dwayne, he designed and helped creating the concrete ledges on the pool gap. After that, the first kicker was made by none other than Nicolas Desgargin better known as ‘Kanar’. Together with local legend Janjan Mahinay they built the first cocolumber/plywood kickers. Brenton also helped to design the shotgun double pipe. The System 2.0 team designed the rail to rail options and the transfer banks. Now it is Jules, Liam, Dom, Matty and the Belgians that will test and showcase the set-up of 2024. All further construction was taken cared of by the brother of Janjan, Angel Mahinay and Conieboy Arandid.

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Who’s Coming?

Back in 2019 Siargao had its visit by the international teamriders of System 2.0 (former Sesitec). Names as Dominik Hernler, Felix Georgi, Parks Bonifay, Joe Battleday, Dylan Miller, Brenton Priestley, Steffen Vollert, Tobias Michell and James Windsor have explored the island already. This year Dominik Hernler (AUST) will make his return, together with his fellow European friends Jules Charraud (FR), Camille Charraud (FR) Matty Muncey (UK) and none other than Liam Peacock (UK). Together with National champion Raphael Trinidad (PH), you have a total of three Red Bull athletes presented. Raphael and legendary host Carlo De La Torre (PH) will represent the national flag of the Philippines. Add in three Belgium’s finest riders, Louis Eggerickx (BE), Glenn Vandenberghe (BE) and Guy Vanryckeghem (BE), and you are up for a Heavy Hitter event.

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The First Livestream in Siargao

This will be the inaugural livestream event for Siargao Wakepark, but no boxes will be left unchecked. A six headed media team from Arkimagine Manila will make their way to the island. Expect a full media production with multiple camera points, drone footage and an entertaining live stream hosting for you to watch and enjoy.

This is not an official Mash or Fise or IWWF or WWA contest. This is a self-produced event with the best wakeboarding by world’s best riders, in the most unique setting possible.

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The Set Up

The pool gap consists of multiple concrete rails and ledges over 15 meters long and 2 meters high. Added for this event are the ‘kanar’ booster kicker into a mega wall, and an ‘add-on box’ for multiple rail to rail possibilities, inspired by Jules Charraud. In the downwards lake, you have a very curated spine kicker and pipe from Unit Parktech to top off the excitement.

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The Schedule

On Friday at 14:00 Manila time (GMT +8), the Arkimagine media team will run a test stream. Training and live commentating tests will be presented.

On Saturday IT’S FULLY ON with following schedule and awards:

Unofficial and still subject to some changes.

14:00 - 14:30: Opening Words and Training

presented by Siargao Wakepark and Homies Approved

14:30 - 15:00: Best Kicker Jam Session

presented by Unit Parktech and Prime Mates Boardsclub Store

15:00 - 16:00: Best Line Jam Session

presented by System 2.0 and Lakeside Paradise

16:00 - 17:00: Best Wall Jam Session

presented by Siargao Island Villas and Siargao Watersports

17:00 - 18:00: Airtrick Show with Siargao Local Heroes

presented by GOMO

18:00 - 19:00: Best Doubles at Night

presented by (TBC)

19:00 - 19:30: Awarding ceremony and Final Fireworks Display

Afterparty at Harana Surf Resort !

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Riders List

Dominik Hernler (AUST) - Jules Charraud (FR) - Camille Charraud (FR) - Liam Peacock (UK) - Matty Muncey (UK) - Raphael Trinidad (PH) - Carlo De La Torre (PH) - Louis Eggerickx (BE) - Glenn Vandenberghe (BE) 
Guy Vanryckeghem (BE)

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Tune in

During the event there will be live commentating hosted by Tom Soupart, Carlo De La Torre, the riders and event partners. Expect to hear backstage stories and unique information on Siargao and the event.

For on-site viewing, there is NO admission fee, this event is FREE online and offline.

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Want to visit?

If you are in the area and you want to see the event in person, Siargao has direct flights from Manila or Cebu. There is a wide selection of prime accommodations and restaurants. You can stay on the beach with Bravo Beach Resort, Harana Surf Resort or Siargao Island Villas. You can also surround yourself with the peace and quiet of Lubihan, Yay Lodge, Sidargo and many more airbnb options.

Follow Instagram @siargaowakepark

Facebook Siargao Wakepark

Youtube Siargao Wakepark

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More Info

and press updates

Email at siargaowakepark@ gmail . com

Call or Text, WhatsApp +63 917 670 1667

A big thank you to the sponsors and partners who make this event possible:

Gold Sponsors:


System 2.0, Unit Parktech

Homies Approved, Lakeside Paradise

Siargao Island Villas, Siargao Watersports

Prime Mates Boardclub

Arkimagine Media

Silver Sponsors:

Bravo Beach Resort, Harana Surf Resort

Lubihan Siargao, Yay Lodge

Explorers’ Bar Sidargo


Thank you Steffen Vollert and Kaikoa Official for these great pictures !

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